I love food.

I always have. My mom has this great story about us being at a 4th of July picnic shortly before I turned two. A teenage friend of the family was watching me, and she came to ask if it was okay if I had a hot dog, since I really wanted one.

“Of course it is,” my mom replied. “Why wouldn’t it be?”

“Well,” the girl replied sheepishly, “She’s already had two.”

My appetite has never decreased.

I’ve gone through lots of phases with what I eat, but I love making food at home and eating things with real ingredients and few artificial things. In January of 2015 I decided to start eating Paléo. The important nuance between this diet and the more commonly known “Paleo” diet is that “Paleo” is a strict diet with actual categories and “Paléo” basically means I eat whatever I want while sometimes trying to eat more meat and vegetables and fewer carbs.

Later in the Spring of that same year I found some interesting research on the benefits of a high-fat, low-sugar diet, especially in regards to balancing your hormones, and decided to take the plunge with the same dedication I devoted to eating Paleo. 😉

In general I try to eat foods I know will benefit my body and not harm it (but there is always room for the occasional breakfast of leftover pizza and cake). I love coffee, am obsessed with burgers, and have dedicated years to the study of chocolate chip cookies.

You can read my posts about eating by clicking here.


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