Starting Fresh at The Hardware Societe

My partner in crime and I pulled into Paris ready to go. We had enjoyed a light breakfast earlier at the train station, but were planning on making brunch near our Montmartre hotel the main morning meal event.

On our way to the city I checked out a few reviews for the area and kept the places in mind. We dropped our bags off at the hotel and whisked up to see the Sacré Coeur, happening to be there in time to enjoy the Easter Monday service. As we wandered back down from the basilica, I spied one of the trendy-looking spots from my research: The Hardware Societe.


We walked into the cute, if crowded, café and grabbed one of the last open tables. The restaurant was packed to the gills, but we took that as a good sign, and were also thrilled not to have to wait.

The Hardware Societe is an Australian import, and we witnessed quite the blend of cosmopolitanism. Sitting on either side of us were French, German, and American couples. The waiters all seemed to be comfortable in English or French, the same languages the menu is written in.


We loved the unique combinations and ingredients available, including items like roasted pumpkin, parsnips, or beetroot. With so many delicious looking options, I was vacillating between the two baked eggs alternatives. I finally decided to go for the “deux,” a spicy chorizo twist, only to discover upon ordering that they had run out. So it wasn’t too terribly disappointing to order the “un,” featuring roasted pumpkin and creamed spinach.


My friend went for the roasted mushrooms, rounding out our pumpkin dressed dishes, and I ordered a coffee with milk.

The over all presentation and style at The Hardware Societe is very fun, and you can tell a high level of thought has been put into the details. The table next to us ordered a pair of mochas, and they arrived in adorable little pitchers with cups to pour the drinks into.


When my coffee arrived it was both beautiful and delicious. And yes, that is a tiny little doughnut hole that accompanies all the coffees.


Even though the restaurant was packed, our orders arrived promptly. You can see how beautiful the food looked, and I assure you it tasted just as good. Everything I saw around us looked enticing, and I’m excited for another trip back to get to explore more of the menu.

The portions were not very big, though I was surprised at how filling my baked eggs turned out to be (maybe because of the accompanying bread slices). If you’re looking for a big dish, this is not your place, but if you want a cute and modest brunch in Montmartre for under 20 euro a person, The Hardware Societe could be a good stop to add to your plans for the day.


They’re closed evenings and all-day Tuesdays, so keep that in mind if you want to go there! Keep your eyes open, and maybe we’ll run into each other: I can’t wait until I get to go back.

Do you have a favorite Paris brunch spot? What are the highest priorities for you when you’re checking out a new restaurant?


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