Sneak Preview | Paris

This spring I’ve been falling in love with the city of love. Back to back trips in March and April with two of my favorite people had me discovering all kinds of beautiful new haunts, and that means now I get to share them with you!

Paris is such a beautiful city, and this was my first time getting to capture it with my big camera. I loved getting to snag shots that personify not just the physical features of the city but also the people that inhabit it.

But you know me… one of the main things I did there was eat! So as usual I have lots of fun posts with yummy pictures of all the food we consumed while we were there. You’ll probably want to add a few of these to your itinerary next time you’re swinging through the City of Lights.

Brunch spots, fancy French dinners, coffee break or the perfect gelato find to round it out. You don’t want to miss the next few weeks around here.


What are you hoping I covered in Paris? Where are you favorite spots?


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