TBT | My Life-Changing Salad at Savamala

It’s been over a year since I went traipsing through Serbia, and still one dish stands out in my mind: the Gulliver Salad at Savamala.


Right across from the Belgrade train station, this little Italian eatery isn’t hard to find. We discovered it because it was attached to our hotel, and when we arrived in the evening, incredibly hungry, they sent room service right up to us. Convenience doesn’t have to equal lack of quality, however, and we were incredibly pleased with the delicious pasta dishes. The salad was so good it had me back the next night, savoring it’s deliciousness and documenting it so the world could know of it’s wonder. This generous combination of prosciutto, tomatoes, and mozzarella is perfectly balanced and possibly the best salad I have ever had in my entire life.

The restaurant itself has a wonderful atmosphere, with an intimate-feeling front room and bar. If you want more space or more privacy, you can also order into the hotel dining room. The location is so convenient and makes it so easy to find for anyone touring Belgrade, and with the exchange rate the prices were also incredibly affordable. So if you’re looking for a nice evening out in the Serbian capital, look no further than Savamala, and please, if you love all things scrumptious, do yourself a favor and order the Gulliver Salad.

Check out Savamala Restoran online!


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