TBT | Gozde Yemek Fabrikasi

One of my favorite things about traveling the world is getting to meet people and see into their daily lives. Here I had the opportunity to experience life running a small family business in central Turkey.


Gozde is a catering business that helps supply food for employees at local businesses and events like weddings or big family gatherings. The company was founded by a retired school teacher who named if after his youngest daughter. Now he, his family members, and a few other employees help provide traditional Turkish cooking all over the area.


I loved getting the chance to explore the kitchen where all the food is prepared, and then I got to ride along with the owner’s oldest daughter as she and her husband did a traditional Turkish cookout for a local non-profit. The views, the food, and the company were all top-notch, and I’m so thankful they gave me this peek into their lives that I now get to share with you.


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