TBT | Surf Dreams on the Black Sea

It’s a rainy, cold January right now. The perfect time to close my eyes and remember the sound of the waves crashing against beaches on the northern coast of Turkey. There, in the little town of Kerpe, is the Danube Surfhouse and Academy.


A combination of hostel, hotel, and casual hangout, Danube is a fun place to crash and meet new friends. As soon as you step into the garden you see the brightly colored table where traditional Turkish breakfast and dinner are available every day for guests.


The owner Tolga, pictured below, runs the place, and he set up an awesome all-inclusive experience for us. It was an unforgettable weekend. The teachers he hires are very nice and had us all catching waves by the end of the first day.


We were exhausted but loved going down into the center of Kerpe to walk around and get ice cream. You won’t meet a lot of tourists there, but there are many Turkish families that come out to live in their summer homes along the water. So cozy up yourself, and I hope these sunny pictures transport you to warmer days!

Have you ever been surfing? What’s your favorite way to beat the cold-weather blues?

Check out Danube Surf online!


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