Greasy Delight At Matt B’s

Murray, Kentucky is a small town kept bustling by the university bearing the same name. Murray is a place full of traditions both old and new, where the best things are often understated and not ostentatious. That’s precisely the case with Matt B’s Main Street Pizza, a pizza joint that lies across main street from Murray State’s campus.


Matt B’s offers a variety of choices, including salads and calzones, but we were there for the basics done right. We ordered two slices of pepperoni pizza, cheese sticks, and a braided bread stick, along with garlic butter and honey butter for dipping.


As our slices re-heated in the pizza oven we settled into a cozy red booth, surrounded by signed posters and sports memorabilia from the area. The clientele coming in and out of the bright yellow restaurant are mostly students, grabbing lunch before class or studying. The prices are also college-budget friendly: our whole haul was less than $10.

The food arrived, and it did not disappoint. There was a pretty significant difference in how greasy the two slices of pizza were – mine soaked all the way through the plate onto the table. That might be a downside for some folks, but if you know me then you know that’s all part of the deal.


Man friend was impressed by the pizza, but felt like everything together just made too much food, and though the cheese sticks and bread sticks were good, they might not really be worth ordering. We are both in love with the honey butter here though, so if you’re around you want to grab a bread stick for that beauty, especially because the pizza here doesn’t leave you with enough crust for significant dipping.


I’ve been loving Matt B’s for years, and I’m glad the quality has stayed consistent. In a world full of change, it’s good to have something you can rely on.

Where’s your favorite pizza place? Do you have a favorite college-town eatery?

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  1. Faith Still says:

    Hi, I saw your post on Matt B’s facebook page and thought oh how fun a local blogger to follow. I am a food blogger from (newer transplant) Murray, KY and have enjoyed poking around on your blog. You can see me at


    1. eashleblog says:

      Thanks! Your blog is so cute! I’m not in Kentucky right now, but I’m originally from the area, so I’ll probably end up posting about it again pretty regularly. 🙂


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