TBT | Dining Fine at Tri Sesira

While in Serbia we caught a taxi downtown for some lunch. We landed in Skadarlija, an old bohemian neighborhood in the center of Belgrade. Tri Sesira, or “The Three Hats,” in English, caught our eye with its beautiful terrace seating and affordable menu.


The menu had relatively good English translations, which is always very helpful. We started off our meal with the Tri Sesira hors d’oeuvre plate. This combination of meats, cheeses, and local specialties was so enticing we dug in and then had to reconstruct the platter for a picture. It may be a weird thing to notice, but the butter on this tray was the best butter I have ever tasted.


Then we ordered our entrees: roasted lamb under the bell, stuffed chicken with mushroom sauce, ground beef stuffed with chicken, and pork loin “Sumadijska,” which the menu described as a stuffed white pork with cheese and plums, rolled in bacon. How could we turn that down?

The meal was amazing. The lamb was cooked perfectly, a no frills dish that really highlighted the meat. All the sauces and sides were delicious and went together perfectly. The pork was a fabulous combination of sweet and savory. The portions were huge, and if anything our only complaint was that a few of the dishes were a little heavy.


If that’s the only problem then you’re doing pretty well, and you won’t have a hard time walking off your meal in the picturesque streets surrounding the restaurant. This was a wonderful experience and I can’t wait to go back again.



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