TBT | Mix’n it up at Mixr Pizza

When I’m in Budapest, there is one place I always try to hit up: Mixr pizza.

It’s a love affair that started years ago, and it never fails to deliver. Except that I always eat in.


There are three locations of Mixr spread around the city. My last time there I dropped in near Heroes Square with friends who had never encountered the joys of this fun little pizza joint. It’s pretty unassuming from the outside, but there are wonderful things waiting inside.

We had no trouble finding the place after a brief stroll from the square. While there is a variety of options there, the main event is clearly the pizza.

At Mixr, you don’t just get a menu: your pizza choice is entirely up to you. At the table is a pad of little order cards with ingredients listed. Some are part of the regular base fee, and some are available for a premium. The one catch is that it’s all in Hungarian, so either be ready for an adventurous gastronomic guessing game or have your favorite translation app handy.


It will take a little patience, because obviously the pizzas can only be prepared and fired once your order card is in, but once the pizzas arrived it was more than worth the wait.


This is a pizza one can wait years to eat and it still does not disappoint. I topped mine with pepperoni, olives, feta, peppers and extra sauce. The crust is thick around the edges but thin and crispy through the middle. Around the table we had a variety of toppings but the common denominator is that no one was disappointed.


This is a dependable place with amazing food and a cute atmosphere. The price is totally reasonable, and the pizzas so filling I took half of mine home with me. The only issue the day we were there was the temperature – the restaurant felt like a sauna. In several other visits though I’d never had that problem, and even with we all agreed the pizza was worth it.


So if you’re in the neighborhood, check it out! Mixr has long been a favorite, and if you’re looking for a solid place in Budapest, I’d highly recommend it.


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