New Year, New Stuff

It’s 2017!

The last few months of life have been crazy. Lots of changes, transitions, new experiences and new places. Going into the new year, I’m trying not to make a lot of plans, and as usual that isn’t working out. One thing I do want to try to do, however, is keep up with this blog a little more!

Over the past year I have gotten to take some amazing pictures and eat some amazing food, but unfortunately very little of it has made it up here where you all get to enjoy that. At the same time my adventures haven’t stopped, so there are also lot’s of new things coming your way.

Over the next few months I want to blend both of those things together for you. Mondays will come with new content about my food, photography, and running. Thursdays we will be throwing it back to all the photos and experiences that have been sitting in the vault of my hard drive.

In regards to running right now I have been enjoying just settling into recreation without a race to train for. I might start looking around for something next fall, but for the time being I love getting to strengthen my body and just head out for a run when I need to clear my head.

There are lots of delicious tips coming about places to eat, and you may see an occasional recipe here and there. Of course all of it will include more beautiful photos, from the everyday to the exotic.

So thanks for reading along with me! Live large!


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