Race Announcement | Cappadocia Ultra

Guess what y’all?

Tomorrow I’m diving off into the great blue yonder to run 60K at the Salomon Cappadocia Ultra!

Now since the last time I posted about running was six months ago in April, you probably have some questions. I will now use my amazing internet telepathy powers and answer them.

Wow, this race is in two days! Was this  a spur of the moment decision?
Actually it wasn’t. I’ve been contemplating this race since early summer and have been registered for over a month.

Oh, so are you super well-trained and prepared to beast this?
Um, well, no. This summer and fall have been pretty busy with several trips and the over all hectic-ness of life, so while I have been able to do some training, I won’t be leaving too many people in the dust on Saturday.

Why the Cappadocia Ultra?
I actually have a whole little herd of friends who are competing in this race. So, peer pressure. It can be a positive thing, right?

Since this is the same distance as your race in Nashville last year, will it be pretty much the same?
No. Last year was a mostly flat race through city parks. This year I will be wandering through lots of up and downs with some pretty amazing views.

My expectations right now are for a tough but beautiful day. Because really, any day where I get to wake up in a healthy body and spend hours wandering through ancient ruins and quaint villages is an amazing day. On top of that, I hear I get a t-shirt.

Remember that one time I did this last year? Yeah, me too. Hope you’re pumped for another race report on 60K of goodness.



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