A Traditional Dinner at the Black Raven

You find the Black Raven in the streets behind St. Matthias Church in the old city of Budapest. Nestled between a series of small restaurants boasting traditional Hungarian cuisine, the Black Raven drew me in because of its competitive prices and outdoor seating. The inside of the restaurant would be a cute place to hunker down in cold weather, featuring rustic decor and of course the eponymous Raven.


Soon after my friends and I sat down, a couple of musicians showed up to serenade us. It was a nice touch. Then there was the food (isn’t that always the most important part?).

I ordered the “Jacket Meat,” mostly because I was dying to know what that could mean. It turned out to be a pretty standard-variety but incredibly delicious breaded porkchop, a la schnitzel. My friends got chicken in a paprika sauce and a turkey/walnut/sour cherry combination. All the food was cooked well, though the chicken turned out to be a little bland.


Overall it was a pretty good experience. The prices weren’t very expensive, but then we were a little disappointed with the portion sizes (especially on the chicken). The wait staff was very nice and attentive, despite a bit of a language barrier, and they made no complaints about working out separate checks with multiple credit cards.


There are some downsides that almost always come into play when you’re in touristy areas, but if you’re close to St. Mattias and want a delicious, filling, reasonably priced meal, I think the Jacket Meat at the Black Raven is a solid choice.

IMG_7144Do you have a favorite nom-spot in Budapest? What are your top tips for finding good food in touristy areas? Where do you think I should go discover the cuisine next?


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