Race Announcement | NashVegas 2015

Here it is! As I promised! And I’m sorry it took so long.

My original plan was to run the Istanbul Marathon this Fall. Because of a change of some other circumstances, I will not be able to make that race. In order to fulfill my goal for this year of running a marathon, I found another run.

Drum roll, please.

I’ll be running in the Nashville Ultra this November!

You might have some questions about this choice. Here, let me reach out across the internet, read your mind, and answer a few!

How are you going to run a marathon at an event that doesn’t have a marathon distance?

I’m not! I plan to run in the 50k, which comes out to a few more miles than a marathon, but is close enough that I am confident I can do it from my marathon training plan.

Why Nashville?

This event fits in my schedule. I like country music. Oh, and one of my best friends in the whole world lives there.

Will you be running in cowboy boots to celebrate the local fashion trends?

Um…. no.

BONUS: REALLY GROSS PICTURES OF MY FEET (be forewarned you may want to stop scrolling now)

A few weeks ago my faithful Vibram Komodos took their final run. Final because at the end of it I was sporting this really beautiful blood blister on the ball of my foot, and had also rubbed the skin off a toe on my right foot. You’ve been great, guys. Thanks for being the shoes that got me into running.foot2.



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