Two-Ingredient Frozen Yoghurt in a Blender

I love frozen yoghurt.


Really I love ice cream, but eating it every single day (or multiple times a day) is probably not that great of an idea. This summer, that has been incredibly tempting.

Instead I decided to delve into homemade froyo! A lot of recipes online suggest making it in an ice cream maker. That’s not very convenient. But I found this nifty recipe for blender froyo on a blog called Just a Taste and decided to try it.

I made a few adjustments because I wanted to branch out from only using strawberries, and I didn’t feel like this was something that required extra sweeteners.


So here’s the recipe (get ready folks, it’s pretty complex).

  • Combine 3 cups frozen fruit with 1 cup yoghurt
  • Blend until smooth
  • Consume

Crazy, I know.

A few tips though:

After I dished it out I stuck what was left in the freezer for about ten minutes. When I pulled it out for seconds (of course) the texture was actually a lot better.

The next day I did this again, but decided to outsmart the recipe and make it extra yoghurty, then just put it in the freezer to firm up! I ended up with a block of fruity yoghurt. So word to the wise: keep your frozen fruit ratio high.


I think this recipe also works better with thicker yoghurt. If the yoghurt is already creamy and awesome, it will be that way when it’s frozen too.

What are your favorite summer treats? Do you have a healthy frozen recipe you love to fall back on?


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